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A Boston based web design and development studio, Elytra Design specializes in creative website development for non-profit organizations, educational institutions, small to medium businesses, cultural art institutions, artists, photographers... well, pretty much anyone who is striving to do good work. Our services include a full range of the web design process, including web discovery and strategy, custom web design, Drupal or Wordpress development, content management systems (cms) training, website hosting and support. We aim for elegant simplicity, clarity and style. We aim to make you, our clients, more successful at doing your already good work. Visit our portfolio of work and read what our clients say. We love all of them.

color beautiful - selecting a color palette for your new website

Choosing the best colors for your new or re-designed website can be overwhelming. Sometimes we can get lost in a sea of possibilities. I swim there a lot!...

blogging and thought leadership, a blog post by Andrea Hurley

In a Forbes article on Thought Leadership, Michael Brennert shares this quote: "Thought leadership ... should help start a relationship where none exists, and it should enhance existing relationships." I like this. Read why.

blogging and the motivation factor - blog post by Andrea Hurley, Elytra Design

As we looked more more closely at what was getting in our way of starting to blog in earnest, we found that it was not so simple as not having enough time. We found that beyond the time factor, there is also the motivation factor...

blogging and the time factor, blog post by Andrea Hurley

I don’t think there is a lot of controversy about whether or not it is a good idea for a business to have a blog. In our modern digital world, blogging is considered to be a signifiant asset to your business. But what about the time factor?

The cobbler's children have no shoe

"The cobbler's children have no shoes." That's what people would say when we talked about our old website. As much as we wanted to redesign it, we never managed to find the time.